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Andri Joël Harison:
"Bliss" from his song cycle "The Ways of a Loving Woman" (2022)
["Seligkeit" aus "Die Weisen einer Liebenden"]

Andri Joël Harison accompanies soprano Anna Nekhames on the grand piano at the premiere of the first three songs of his song cycle for soprano and orchestra based on his own poems "The Ways of a Loving Woman" [Die Weisen einer Liebenden] in a version for soprano and piano at the Gustav Mahler Hall of the Vienna State Opera.

“The world premiere of the first three songs of his song cycle "Die Weisen einer Liebenden" ("The ways of a loving woman") based on his own poems for soprano and piano was an extraordinary success for the composer and an equally extraordinary enrichment for the opera studio of the house.The composer's piano playing was extremely sensitive, right down to the softest pianissimo. It was as if he had an orchestra in his fingers. The carpet of sound that carried the singer through the pieces was also characterised by a rarely heard transparency.One may be curious to know how and when the song cycle, which can be regarded as a small Gesamtkunstwerk that is definitely reminiscent of important, like-minded composers from the past, will be continued.All in all, this premiere was a remarkable, musical treat that will remain in the audience's memory for a long time. [...] ”


      Online Merker (2022)

Rubato - A Musical Portrait

A musical portrait with and about Andri Joël Harison.

Broadcasted by Radio Classic St. Stephen's Cathedral.

Johann Strauss: Fledermaus Overture (2020)

Andri Joël Harison conducts the ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra at his conducting diploma concert in the Radiokulturhaus Vienna

Andri Joël Harison: The Fledermaus-Fantasy (2018)

Andri Joël Harison plays his most popular piano composition so far at the premiere in Vienna - with which he won a prize at the "18th International Music Competition" in Osaka (Japan) as the only competition participant with an original composition. As a promising young artist, he received the "Espoir Prize".

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